Uyo No matter how hard you try to hide, trouble will find you. No matter how careful you are, trouble will test you. No matter how strong you are, if you hastily react to trouble, trouble will win, it will steal your peace. No matter how weak you are, if you hastily smile at trouble, …

Strike a Balance

Some say "you are not replaceable at home"The truth is you are replaceable everywhere You are easily replaceable at workYou are uneasily replaceable at home Don't let biology deceive you, blood doesn't keep a home, availability, and provision make/keep a home. If you are not always there to provide what is required of you when …

Be Thankful

Time takes more from ingrates Time gives more to grateful hearts Appreciate what you have now to avoid saying "I had it before"

Grace for All

Preacher man says "you will reap where you did not sow", congregation shouts "yeah, I tap it, amen", but ain't that stealing?. Well, if you call it grace, know this; someday, somewhere, someone will reap what you sowed.

What Are You?

During this job hunt, many were hospitalized, one died due to fatigue Name a job that wasn't created by humans on this earth? Why pray to God incessantly, for a job that was created by humans? If they could do it, you can ❤️ Believe in you, unlock the power of your mind and look …

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