Life Guard

🕷️ in me room Whatever it is, give it your best not your life An ebook containing all my previous messages will be out soon, the above is a quote from a particular message titled "life guard" Y'all have a lovely day 🥰

Best Man

Solving your problems, makes you feel good❣️ Solving another man's problem, will make you feel better❣️ Being the reason why a lot of people smile, will give you the best kind of feelings❣️ Why remain good, when you can reach out, touch lives and become the best man?

The Flow

Love is always in motion, it flows and life becomes great. You don't create love, you are a product of love, more love gets to you from the earth(plants, animals, air, and water). Love is not yours to keep, but yours to share ❣️ In a society where there's no flow of love, the society …

Let Go

Life’s a journey, it starts at birth and terminates at death, the journey is growth, there’s no growth without change❤️ No two persons have same journey, one world, 7.9 billion people,7.9 billion journeys, paths are bound to cross, paths don’t stay crossed forever❤️ Why stop your growth because someone left?, Who is going to share …

Time, Great Revealer

Time is the greatest, it is eternal. Time flows, lives follows. Lives ends, time never stops. Life is short, time you don't own. Your life is a share in time, the value of your share depends on your choices, make great, wise, and humane choices, cos time eventually brings everything to light ❤️

The Choice (A little Something #17)

Someone said practice doesn't make perfect, obsession does. Another said success doesn't come from what you do occasionally but from what you do consistently. I say distraction is constant.Determination is a choice. Make that choice today,  let go of the fleeting pleasures of now, envision the greater joy of tomorrow, it will only come to reality …

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