IMAGE plus a lil story

Was sentenced to stay indoors by Mr rain. My sentence lasted for hours While almighty Mr rain made me his prisoner, he formed a beautiful relationship with miss green my dear neighbor. When my sentence was over, I stepped out, my eyes sighted the beautiful friendship between my captor and my dear neighbor. I reached …

The Flow

Love is always in motion, it flows and life becomes great. You don't create love, you are a product of love, more love gets to you from the earth(plants, animals, air, and water). Love is not yours to keep, but yours to share ❣️ In a society where there's no flow of love, the society …

What About Us

Life is not all about you and yoursWhat about her and hers?What about him and his?What about them and theirs? Most importantly what about US(humans) and OURS(earth)? LOVE is the essence of life, love makes life meaningful, loveless life is a worthless life.Don’t be a barrier to love, don’t monopolize love, let it flow❤️


For all your support and contributions THANK YOU❤️ We are here at 500, because of YOU❤️ YOU are special, I wish could say thank YOU in 500 places,❤️ Thanks to US ❤️

Finding You 2

What makes you feel good today might make you feel bad tomorrow, things change, man grows, priorities change. What doesn't change is man's desire for happiness, peace, respect. Self-discovery is in stages, cos life's a journey, along this journey, there's bound to be adjustments, you compromise to fit in. But is the place befitting for …

The Great Nothingness

The most important thing in life is NOTHING. We are in between the great nothingness. Cherish whatever you like, accumulate whatever you like, eventually, everything becomes nothing. We came from nothing with nothing, we will return to nothing with nothing❤️ If you feel you have more things be humble and generous, if you feel you …

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