Uyo No matter how hard you try to hide, trouble will find you. No matter how careful you are, trouble will test you. No matter how strong you are, if you hastily react to trouble, trouble will win, it will steal your peace. No matter how weak you are, if you hastily smile at trouble, …

Life Guard

🕷️ in me room Whatever it is, give it your best not your life An ebook containing all my previous messages will be out soon, the above is a quote from a particular message titled "life guard" Y'all have a lovely day 🥰

Beg For A Living 1

There are two groups of people, the haves and the have nots, doesn’t matter the quality or quantity of what you have, you are part of the haves, being ungrateful might reduce you to the level of the have nots. Complaining, comparing, and always looking at what others have is unhealthy and negative, remember negative …

Be Thankful

Time takes more from ingrates Time gives more to grateful hearts Appreciate what you have now to avoid saying "I had it before"

Best Man

Solving your problems, makes you feel good❣️ Solving another man's problem, will make you feel better❣️ Being the reason why a lot of people smile, will give you the best kind of feelings❣️ Why remain good, when you can reach out, touch lives and become the best man?

Grace for All

Preacher man says "you will reap where you did not sow", congregation shouts "yeah, I tap it, amen", but ain't that stealing?. Well, if you call it grace, know this; someday, somewhere, someone will reap what you sowed.

The Reason

Billions of people on earth, and the number keeps increasing.Humanity(benevolence) is in thousands, if not hundreds and it's dying. Few men have hoarded love and many are left with hate and anger. If you care about the future, free yourself from hate. Many people are looking for a reason to revive their humanity, why don't …

Life is Short

The sure thing about man's future is death😔 One after another, 15years, 25, 30, 50, 80years we all will leave this earth. What do you want to do in this life? do it now, if what you want most doesn't entirely depend on what you can do alone, you might wanna change priorities. Happiness is …

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