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Truth to Light

To persist is strength. To start over is super-strength. To give up is human, not failure.Failing to achieve a particular goal set by you does not mean you have failed in life. Failing to reach the expectations of others/society does not mean you have failed in life.No one alive is a failure, to achieve anything …

Tree Of Life

Oxygen, shelter, food, medicine, and protects the soil when alive. Fuel, warmth, and shelter when dead. There's no single magical tree of life. They are all magical. Dead or alive, they all support life. What would we do without trees?

Day Of Birth

Many want to be popular, many want to be celebrated, but many can't sing, many can't act, many can't paint, many can't write,  and many can't play(sport). What many have is a birthday, on this day many feel like celebs, on this day lots of wishes pour in from a few who cares and multitude …


We did it, we a thousand now Thank you Thank you Thank you From the bottom of me heart THANKS, wouldn't have been possible without you❤️

Beg For A Living 1

There are two groups of people, the haves and the have nots, doesn’t matter the quality or quantity of what you have, you are part of the haves, being ungrateful might reduce you to the level of the have nots. Complaining, comparing, and always looking at what others have is unhealthy and negative, remember negative …

Be Thankful

Time takes more from ingrates Time gives more to grateful hearts Appreciate what you have now to avoid saying "I had it before"

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