Day Of Birth

Many want to be popular, many want to be celebrated, but many can't sing, many can't act, many can't paint, many can't write,  and many can't play(sport). What many have is a birthday, on this day many feel like celebs, on this day lots of wishes pour in from a few who cares and multitude …

Holier Than Who?

Brothers and sisters in Christ(love) You are either like Christ-Sinless OR You are anti Christ-Sinful Just one sin? Well, it's still a sin, you are not holier than anybody, don't castigate but tolerate ❤️

Grace for All

Preacher man says "you will reap where you did not sow", congregation shouts "yeah, I tap it, amen", but ain't that stealing?. Well, if you call it grace, know this; someday, somewhere, someone will reap what you sowed.

Work Happens

Wishes, how many happened? Hopes, how many happened? Prayers, how many happened? What you work for, happens❣️ Every other thing depends on WORK ❣️ Put it in motion, make an effort then wish, hope and pray it works out ❤️

What Are You?

During this job hunt, many were hospitalized, one died due to fatigue Name a job that wasn't created by humans on this earth? Why pray to God incessantly, for a job that was created by humans? If they could do it, you can ❤️ Believe in you, unlock the power of your mind and look …

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