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Sign of humanity (new collection)

Good morning good people of WordPress community, some terrible encounters with the police and some cultists sent me to a very low place last year, was down, and couldn't write for a while. Then the killings by terrorists in the north, the killings by separatists in the east, and the ever-evolving hardship sent me back …

Relationship is a Chore

To market, you must go. You decide to search, In the market, you select good/preferred items. In search of one, you will see many, but you have to pick one. To the kitchen, you must cook. You have to create a connection and make the one like you and be good for you. To the …

The Former

Life is in stages, skipping brings imbalance To carry additional weight, stamina is needed It is you before them, don't make you the later, and don't forget the later, reach out don't overstretch, cause without you, there will be themBuild you to be strong enough to support them❣️

Strike a Balance

Some say "you are not replaceable at home"The truth is you are replaceable everywhere You are easily replaceable at workYou are uneasily replaceable at home Don't let biology deceive you, blood doesn't keep a home, availability, and provision make/keep a home. If you are not always there to provide what is required of you when …

Best Man

Solving your problems, makes you feel good❣️ Solving another man's problem, will make you feel better❣️ Being the reason why a lot of people smile, will give you the best kind of feelings❣️ Why remain good, when you can reach out, touch lives and become the best man?

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