Sex Sells

Sex sells, the term, the idea has been around for a long time. With the internet it sells now more than ever, some say it's degradation, but is it a decay, or is nature finding its way?. Over the ages, man has tried to create what man calls a decent culture, society, and world, but …

Man is an Animal

After school, the journey of life took me friend to the east of Nigeria, east is the home of the Igbos(educated, business oriented, and smart people). This morning I reached out to him, after hearing some disturbing news, he said " I'm no longer in the east, I dey West", West is the home of …

Just Image

Looked up Saw the beauty above me Reached for me phone And here is the result Good morning dearies 💙


Uyo No matter how hard you try to hide, trouble will find you. No matter how careful you are, trouble will test you. No matter how strong you are, if you hastily react to trouble, trouble will win, it will steal your peace. No matter how weak you are, if you hastily smile at trouble, …

Life Guard

🕷️ in me room Whatever it is, give it your best not your life An ebook containing all my previous messages will be out soon, the above is a quote from a particular message titled "life guard" Y'all have a lovely day 🥰

Day Of Birth

Many want to be popular, many want to be celebrated, but many can't sing, many can't act, many can't paint, many can't write,  and many can't play(sport). What many have is a birthday, on this day many feel like celebs, on this day lots of wishes pour in from a few who cares and multitude …


Favourite niece now a woman 🥰 Okay I read a quote somewhere, loved it and want to share it with you 👇 "We rise by lifting others"_ Robert Ingersoll

The Former

Life is in stages, skipping brings imbalance To carry additional weight, stamina is needed It is you before them, don't make you the later, and don't forget the later, reach out don't overstretch, cause without you, there will be themBuild you to be strong enough to support them❣️

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