Human Actions (A little something #4)

The difference between a first world country and a third world country is the people found in the two places. Is it possible for a third world country to become a first world country?, yea, very possible it doesn't depend on the land, the sea, the air, not even God, it depends on the people❤️

Your Habit (A little Something #3)

Dreaming is common, everyone dreams, there are 7billion people in the world with heads full of dreams❤️ Everyone hope for better days and things, it's not bad to have hope and dream, but they are not just enough, because you don't get what you hope for or dreamed about, you get what you work for, …

Future Prediction (A little Something #2)

Often people say "no one knows tomorrow, nobody knows what the future holds", it might be true when the future involves other people. But when it's about your future, you know what it holds, you know it by predicting it, and the act of prediction is made better by the power of creation.❤️

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