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Do What You Can

“Old year, new year”, it’s just TIME (nights and days), your actions defines time, Monday work, Friday Mosque, Saturday rest, Sunday church, So what you do defines your year❤️ Time is a SERIOUS phenom, unending nights and days, why use finite numbers(calender) to measure endless time? Man needs a BREAK and some excitement( ending gives …

Pieces Of Peace

Pain is motion, pleasure too, emotions areactivities, peace is not calm, calm can besad, peace is not happy either, peace is rest.Negative emotions, positive emotions,hustles, achievements, failures, at the end ofeverything man seeks peace.When man is asleep, man is at peace, whenman dies, the living say, "rest in peace."Peace is a state of nothing.They can …

Firewood & Smile

She was asked "why are you smiling" She replied "grandma said, the government raised the price of cooking gas/kerosene, they want simple folks to starve but nature says NO"

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