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Ways or veils, notion can be any.

“Tomorrow is going to be better” is a veil, covering your mind from seeing a better today.

Tomorrow is not yours, your life is the cumulation of today, thousand days.

All you have is today. Within today, moment is truly yours, you might not see the next.

Billions of people will die without making millions.
A whole lot of millionaires wonder why they can’t sustain happiness.

There’s a fountain of happiness and there’s a mountain of wants.

The fountain and the mountain are unconnected, but many try to connect them.

The fountain is in you, the mountain is far from you, you don’t need to climb to flow, all that flows run down,

There’s a place for everyone. Don’t go where you are not of value, don’t seek acceptance and validation.

Most times, value is felt not seen, after not during.

Don’t seek happiness in things that won’t stay yours, all you have is you, dig happiness in you.

Today is not just better, today is the best thing you can get, start living your best life now.

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