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THE ONES WHO LOST EVERYTHING from “Sign of humanity”

Declaration of war rests on your fingers, the burden of war weighs upon our existence.

Your war will make you and yours richer, your war will make us poorer.

Your war will build up impenetrable iron walls for you and yours, your war will bring down our brick and glass walls.

Your war won’t stop your daily supplies, your war will turn us into scavengers.

Your war will make your sons philanthropists, your war will turn our sons into monsters.

Your war will make your daughters activists and drama queens, your war will turn our daughters into rape victims and trauma queens.

When you gain more and our hope is dead and buried, the decision to stop war will be yours not ours.

What is greater than gaining a space in the book of history?

Win (destroy more) or lose (destroy less) history will remember you and your generals by names, nothing will remember us, the ones who lost everything.

Your chants of freedom, honor, and right won’t push us to fight anymore.

Your explanation and demonstration of justice, equality, and humanity will give us all enough reasons not to fight anymore.

If you can not risk you and yours, we cannot risk ours anymore.


21 Replies to “THE ONES WHO LOST EVERYTHING from “Sign of humanity””

  1. Beautiful. If we collectively, as Humanity, remember our Life Spirit, remember that we are All One and begin to act in that creative Consciousness, we will not self-destruct in the insanity of War. If we have the Will we can find the ways. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt words. Peace Through Love of Life Itself…💖✨

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