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Sign of humanity (new collection)

Good morning good people of WordPress community, some terrible encounters with the police and some cultists sent me to a very low place last year, was down, and couldn’t write for a while. Then the killings by terrorists in the north, the killings by separatists in the east, and the ever-evolving hardship sent me back to my writing chair. Been writing and compiling anti-war and pro-peace messages, Hopefully, I’ll publish this month, hope you get it not just get it spread the word.

Here’s a quote from one of the messages

Ego seeks height, in the midst of love, there is no hierarchy.

In the land of equality, insults are disregarded and there is a tower, in the tower, there is a lighthouse guiding people to understanding.

In the land of inequality, disagreement is a crime and there is a tower, in the tower there is a searchlight, scanning for disrespect. 

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