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The Judges

Life is filled with billions of stories, stories make life interesting, and without them, life would be boring for many. Many do not care who’s hurt, many do not care about the truth, what many care about are compelling stories. Lies, truths, biased, fabricated, many listen to them and many spread them.

Those who do not understand will judge, and those who understand will also judge. Judgment does not depend on understanding, everyone will judge you. Judgment depends on seeing and hearing, you will judge everyone. As long as the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind must form an opinion.

The mind hides, the mind shares, the mind shares every good about itself, and hides every bad about itself. Everyone hides their bad, reason why the bad, the secret, and the private are in high demand.

It is in the nature of man to judge, no man can stop judgment because every man is a judge, and the world will do better with better judges. Everyone judges, those who understand judge better, always try to understand.


40 Replies to “The Judges”

      1. Ich kann niemand anderem besser wissen. Ob richtig oder falsch; das ist meine Aufgabe, mich für das Bessere zu entscheiden, mich dem entsprechend danach zu richten.

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  1. No, the one who judges will be judged and the one who covers with the mantle of leniency will be covered in the same way.
    He who receives has a heart as vast as the limitless.
    Sometimes we walk away from whatever is troubling us. We are not made for this.
    Peace and light.

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    1. At any case, it probably better to be direct. We don’t always know what we judge but we know that we feel something uncomfortable.
      Like saying what we like or don’t like, what we accept as a limit or not.
      And there’s the other judgements destined to establish some kind of scale of superiority/ inferiority.
      Acceptance of each other is mutual. Whatever superior technics you have . I may be one day decide ok, now it is invasive.
      It is not a big deal, we should simply be able to accept to hear something different about ourselves.
      There is also the fearful judgments, judging before being judged, being afraid that something get destroyed. Protecting our morals, it is understandable, like I saw somone say , at the end it’s only ourselves that we judge , at least, put our morals on the balance.

      It is so more subtile than good or bad. When it’s like this , i just wait to see, what it is , for the person I am potentially judging.

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  2. There is a fine line between having an opinion, and making a judgement… what is important, is to recognize the difference between the two… an opinion is flippant, it can change like the weather… and like the weather, we tend to forget the storm when the sun reigns supreme… or the drought, when the rains come…

    Judgement not only takes into consideration what gave birth to the situation, but also our ego, our fears, and the will to make a point… such a determination does not change like the weather… and more often than not is used to condemn…

    Have an opinion… yes…!

    But try not to judge… for in the final analysis, we are really/merely judging ourselves…!

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    1. It’s better not to see or ear, cos when you do you make judgements within you, voice it out and others will term it whatever they like.

      The difference is do you say it out or do you keep it in.

      And thanks for your contribution 🙏

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      1. Thanks for taking the time to consider my comment… unfortunately however, I feel the latent points I made, was lost in the fog of misunderstanding… I recognize the black, white from which you speak, but we should never deny the gray…!

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