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Your Dreams

Dreams are personal, born out of thoughts, many thoughts run through a man’s mind, but few sticks, few reoccurs, few become dreams.

You have a dream; a place to be, who to become. Your parent’s dreams brought you to earth, they had plans laid out, your friends know you by your life’s scorecard, the only validation and push you need is from your mind.

The greatest support you can get from a well-wisher is a question, “do you THINK you can do it?”.

Nothing on earth knows you better than your mind, it knows your strength and your weakness, it knows your potential, if your mind thinks it, if your mind dreams it, your mind can achieve it.


28 Replies to “Your Dreams”

  1. Bonjour

    Avec espoir ce week-end dernier en as-tu bien profité. Moi, à peu près
    C’est avec sourire que je viens auprès des tiens et toi mème t’apporter du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde
    Bonne et agréable journée, bon mois d’octobre
    bise amicale Bernard

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