Relationship is a Chore

To market, you must go. You decide to search,

In the market, you select good/preferred items. In search of one, you will see many, but you have to pick one.

To the kitchen, you must cook. You have to create a connection and make the one like you and be good for you.

To the dining room, you eat. The one falls and you satisfy that desire.

To the sink, you wash, if you must eat again. To keep the one, you care for the one.

Washing is the first thing before food and the last thing after eating. Care is the first, care is the last.

“Relationships should not seem like a chore,” they say, but the truth is it is more than a chore. You eat to satisfy your body, you enter a relationship to satisfy a desire: someone to talk to, someone to share with, someone to sleep with, etc.

Unlike food, relationship is not a must, it is a choice, if you choose to enter you must be ready and willing to renew that choice daily.

In the market, if you do not buy the good, you will eat bad. In the kitchen, if you do not cook well, you will eat rubbish. If you do not wash, you get an infestation.

Relationship is more than a chore if you are not ready, then patronize a restaurant.

12 Replies to “Relationship is a Chore”

  1. Bonjour ce n’est qu’un petit passage

    Parfois on oublie de remercier les personnes qui rendent notre vie meilleure et plus heureuse.
    Parfois on oublie de leur dire qu’ils sont une partie importante dans notre vie.
    Aujourd’hui est un autre jour et je te remercie pour tout cela
    bise Amitié BERNARD

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