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Time, the innocent

Time knows movement and change, always moving and changing, from day to night, dry to wet, and repeat.

Time just moves, time knows no patience, time waits for no man cos time knows no man, but sometimes man waits for the right time to do and to move.

The situation or period man describes as a wrong time is never a wrong time, always a wrong move. One man’s wrong time is another man’s right time.

The movement of man is either wrong or right, time is neither wrong nor right, time is just time, and most times to get the right move man must pass through two or more wrong moves.

If the goal is legit, do not worry much about the move, just move.

65 Replies to “Time, the innocent”

  1. The worst thing is when a person passively waits with the next move, decision, for a better time.    A better time will never come, it’s now and when we procrastinate, that best time just passes. 

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      1. it is up to us. free will. there is enough of everything to go around. yet the one percent in true power do not allow a true according. this has always been the case all the back to manna from heaven the manna was good for one day and spoiled beyond the appointed time set by Him.

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      2. So you mean it’s up to us, then why is he/she/it God?

        Is he only capable to solve personal problems and not global?

        Friend, sorry if my question seem out of place, I always ask people who claim to hear God speak these question


      3. Bro, you haven’t seen devils, the types of humans where I’m from gonna change ur mind. And I always ask “how did we get here”… I’ll be going to evening mass, it’s time so see ya later ❤️

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      4. sister i know about twelve year old warriors killing for the warlord. tribe hating tribe. selling slaves for sex drugs and murder. i do not have to be there to know . this however is of the mind. as for my heart forget it i m far too long a machine the worse you ever seen. peace out

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  2. Time is a thing that nobody understands. We can measure how much money we have but never how much time we have. You know what, you are right – Time, the innocent.

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      1. Thank you, I will love to have your contact but I don’t know your handle on Facebook or Instagram, or should I drop my contacts here , I have some questions to ask you

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