15 Replies to “KI KE (Your Care)”

  1. 💜 We ARE ALL Capable of “Taking Care” of OurSelves EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear 🔮 Clarity that 🔮 😀 👍🏾 👌🏾 😉 😄 🔮 CoDependency is a Blight on Humanity EveryBody


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  2. We are all capable of taking care of ourselves as girls but when you watch (some) movies, girls are always portrayal as inferior and weak and saying stuff like “oh I need a man in my life” and I’m thinking, they did not NEED a man when they were growing up and going through things. It wouldn’t be so bad if some men did not NEED to feel like a hero all the time. Idk some girls just want to be cared for I guess 🤷

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