33 Replies to “Firewood & Smile”

      1. Okey-dokey then, we share a view/experience rather the same – just here! πŸ˜€ Thank the heavens above, sometimes, I find someone who can hear my words without seeing me ‘as the enemy’ – I’m from ‘merica, doncha ya know – I’m hated by my countrymen and seen as the problem globally – sigh – I try to reach out and say, “yeah! Ya got that right – same here, though no one wants to talk about it – – ”

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  1. P.S. As if physical death is more scary than the journey of going along with ‘their’ rules of the game….Sheesh – I’m not a fan of martydom OR Violence OR giving up, but, seriously? The things folks try to ‘talk ya into’ via fear, greed and lust, arguments? Continues to boggle my mind….

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  2. Correct πŸ’― πŸ‘. Nature has given everything to us, but these human charge so much that even a poor people can’t afford. I feel bad when they ask to pay for water. Water is a thing that should be always free, my father says that water is the thing that you can’t even refuse to give your enemy.

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