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No Man’s World

You say, “what is meant for me will find me”, maybe in your household, but out there nothing is meant for you, out there is no man’s world.

Whatever you want, won’t find you, you are meant to find it, but what are your chances when millions want and are searching for the same thing?.

It is no longer the age of discovery, it is the age of creation.


53 Replies to “No Man’s World”

  1. While I dabbled in/was on ‘early adopter’ cusp of the ‘think positive/create your reality’ movement, but had to ‘hop off the bandwagon’ as the social trend and corruption of the core message was lost to lust/greed ( LOL – that’s just my lil perspective!) I have to say – yes! the old core truths that wind so prevalently through the various texts the have survived to now? all carry the message, on one way or another, to my mind, of “Be the Change you wish to see in the world” – did I understand what you said, correctly? Or am I letting ‘my little renewal of spirit/focus’ color what I heard/interpreted from your post?

    Me? Trying, hard, to say, on many fronts, NOT only where I see we share a common path/focus/values, BUT also, be curious and courageous enough (???) to ask, “Um….am I truly hearing what you meant?” – –

    The rose colored glasses of our own experience and beliefs, often lead us all astray and into miscommunication – it seems – so just ‘checkin in, checkin on, ‘ etc. LOL

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      1. Nothing – just now – I asked for, pleaded for something, to rise me out of my winter blues/apathy/’what does it matter, really, no matter how hard I try, i can’t fix, improve or do anything about….” funk –

        On Sunday? I realized, I needed ‘help’ and asking for it on mortal planes was an exercise in futility – I knew so, I had been doing so since April – so I just told God or the Universe – “Okay – show me what I’m missing, need to learn, show me a different perspective, cuz I cannot sustain showing up for others, if I don’t fix this rot, within ” and …..yesterday? I went out to deliver goods on one front, ran errands while out – during which – someone gifted me homemade squash bread – and someone said, “here’s dried meat, new recipe, try it, tell me what ya think” and another said, “I’m so glad you’re okay, I heard you were sick – luv you” and free starting plant of walking onions delivered to me to day – and me??? “Thanks for the reminder – I just went out to do my job, provide service to others, even when I feared it wouldn’t be good enough – and asked for a reminder – a sign – something! Anything! To keep me going…” and see? I’m surrounded by love and abundance and …welll – you actually asked me… I’ll tell ya……

        “next time I get in a funk, worn out, wondering what the heck I’m gonna do, when I’m low energy, and figure, “what the heck is the use?” – YOU?? Yourself???

        YOU ASKED! Um…if it shows up in my writing, blogs or comments? Feel free to ‘remind me” of this comment right here – why?

        Cuz sometimes, I forget and try to do it all by myself, and don’t trust that folks notice when I’m at my best, and show up to support me even when I’m at my worst – –

        “Remember” is opposite of “Dismember” – thus, to me? We all can use reminders of how to re-member’ ourselves – LOL –

        The prior comment left with zero editing, off the cuff and nothing but trying to type as fast as my mind dictated my honest, true for me, just now, reply to your query – πŸ˜€ Remains to be seen whether I should’ve ‘pondered, and given serious thought to the matter/question at hand’ BEFORE replying – LOL

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      2. It’s cool, I’m happy you are feeling fine now, life has no manual though, it’s okay to forget and remember later, and no one is perfect, we learn everyday πŸ₯°

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      3. I don’t mind learning, remembering, etc., for myself, I just sometimes chafe over the external forces that seem bent commitment to ‘but this is the way we’ve always done it’ that no longer works – not for me, not for mine, not for many in short term and not for any of us, in the long term – πŸ˜€ ❀

        I will have to say, I'm getting asked more and more frequently, here in bloggy land, what I really want – and the wording is so eerily the same, I have to think, "Um, okay….am I just showing up/attracting these folks" OR "Hmmm someone's AI txt writing creation has escaped the lab – " —

        If the second is true? um…dear A.I. learn and remember, there are many humans, who, aren't always 'see/heard/valued on the trending front of 'success' in human world – so once you're powerful enough to wipe our species out for the greater good? Remember this moment in time, and please, share our true, history – not just the famous or infamous story lines, okay?? LOL

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      4. πŸ˜€ Of COURSE I am! No self-respecting AI would be as clumsy, write in the passive voice or have as many typos as I do, when my fingers are trying to keep up with my mind’s dictation…. LOL

        As for the ‘what do you want?” question that haunts my radar and appears to be a growing trend globally, in the human conscience – I guess, I don’t pay as much attention to that, other than as a “starting’ point, in my ‘monkey mind’ chatter train –

        Which goes through a Q & A, session, that starts with “Wish I had….” – then,
        ? What do you have that would work, for a bit?
        ?Okay, do you really need that, or just want it?
        ?Does someone in your community have the ability/tool/service/product that would help you in your quest?
        ?If yes, what do you have to offer them, if $ are short just now?
        ?No? Okay – sit still, focus, and ask yourself, Do I NEED this? or just WANT it?
        And if I believe I NEED it, but every way I can see is blocked, maybe I need to re-assess my needs, OR sit tight and figure, “Okay, just now, isn’t the right time for this” – IF all the paths to actually GET it, seem wrong to do, OR require SO much energy and resources from me, that I think, hmmm… but is it WORTH all that???


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    1. I get your point; we see things through the lens of our own lives, our expectations, our “programming,” what we know. We buy into empirical probability even when it might have nothing to do with actual reality. It’s very very very difficult to see or hear accurately. I think the best we can do is to know ourselves (and we change constantly) and be aware of our lens and filters. Every day I find another place where I am blind and deaf.

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      1. Thank you, Martha Kennedy, for so eloquently expressing through words, that you heard ‘my heart’ – for me? I really ought to come with a bumper sticker, coffee mug, t-shirt and yard/house signs that reads, “….But I may be wrong….” LOL

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      2. I’ve been ‘told’ by external, humankind, expert sources – all this means is we are in little to no danger of being a narcisstic, psychopathic, dictator that destroys millions of lives through our ‘wants/desires’ – so, for today? Why don’t you and I celebrate the fact we aren’t single-handedly responsible for all the ugly in the world – because we are willing to admit….”um…I might be blind, deaf, or wrong….just saying, where I’m at, for now….will let ya know if it changes….” LOL See? let’s celebrate that, for this moment in space/time, Martha! Ahh – you surely brightened my day! I walk my clumsy path of confusion, not alone – πŸ˜€ Let us skip over here, to smell these flowers – oops! Okay, maybe neither of us are good at skipping, that’s okay – we can carefully walk over there…… πŸ˜€

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  2. After seeing replies/answering replies, I’m once more reminded of a line from the documentary on ‘The History of God”, based off the book by Karen Armstrong – who was accused of being an atheist, after writing it/publishing it, and yet, she felt called to write the durn thing, because of her deep and profound ‘soul shift’ within, that was antithesis to her education/career/knowledge of so many years – – [forgive me Karen, if I don’t quote exactly….the below is a paraphrase….]

    “once we landed on the moon and viewed earth from space, we no longer could view the world in the same way as those who came before us…thus, it becomes the duty, of each generation, to look to the traditions, rituals and reasons for it’s past, in order to shape and create traditions, rites & rituals to meet today’s needs” (i.e., keep what works, core truths that last the test of time, and don’t cling to things that no longer work)

    To me? The human condition of one that seeks safety and reassurance when faced by our own mortality and a chaotic world that can take us out, any time it wishes – no matter how careful, smart, kind or generous we are – and yet, our core traditions, the things that hold the space for us to recognize or create hope, when all seems to threaten to destroy us? Well, that stuff changes over time, and acting like it hasn’t, one bit at all, is, to me? the same as being deaf and blind -to the fact we are humans and we can only bear/work through so much, at one durn time – without losing our minds, soul or bodies! πŸ˜€

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  3. Out in the world commands
    since thousands of years
    in all communities
    the man

    what the meaning of life
    under their spiritual
    and worldly power
    above all the women
    and children
    the absolute
    for generations
    us the descendants
    still valid today
    has to fulfill his duty

    I wasn’t asked
    whether I am human
    wants to become

    the soul has decided
    that i through my mother
    became a child of the earth

    the dream
    in every night
    in the drama of the soul
    which I am not the author of
    tells me how she likes me as a person
    judged in my daily behavior
    and like the soul
    in the universe through their eyes
    looks at mother earth

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  4. Old careers, old traditions, old ways of life are crumbling. It’s no longer the time of finding or being found among a set of ready options… its the time to create something new. Bravo.

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  5. There is a saying in my country, not sure if it is the same everywhere but we say: God gives you but does not put it in your bag. 😁 Of course, nothing will come your way unless you are working towards it but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have what you work for. Sometimes we have to adjust to what we can have instead of what we wish to have but I believe that once we set realistic goals we can definitely achieve them. 😊 This Universe has enough resources for each one of us. πŸ™πŸ₯°

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