IMAGE plus a lil story 3

While me head was pounding, Abigail was having her face beat somewhere.

After some time she came to cheer up the sick

Eno: wanted to snap some nature today but couldn’t go out

Abi: eyaah!! sorry, but you don’t have to step out to snap nature, nature’s right here, you and I ☺️

Eno: that’s true but I’m the only nature in here 😉

Abi: what do you mean, we are 😡

Eno: you ain’t, not with this face 👇

20 Replies to “IMAGE plus a lil story 3”

  1. As someone who manages to injure herself with hair/face/beauty enhancing tools, lotions and potions? I so admire those who turn their natural born canvas into a work of art that lives, breathes and moves through daily life – 😀 You look pretty good too, even while sick, though it sure looks like ya got head congestion going on! Take care of your sinuses! 😀 (sorry, worked in medical field awhile – may not be true – but looks like – the eyes tell the tale, often…) ! AND, I didn’t see the disclaimer, but assumed: “no living beings were injured while this selfie was snapped’ – cuz I can injure myself doing that too! LOL Good Job!

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    1. Wow thanks dear Tam for your kind comment 🥰, well it wasn’t full blown malaria shivering sickness, just a slight headache and rain fell through out the morning so laziness contributed too😉, felt a lil better when I saw her artificial face ☺️

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      1. rainy days are MADE for laziness! glad you didn’t get full blown case of malaria! My Dad used to ask me if I was going out, or into battle… (he called it ‘war paint’) 😀

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    2. And sorry 🙏, I’m just seeing this comment now, would have replied earlier. I didn’t just pay attention to this post cos I knew most of my readers won’t like it,I’m glad you did thanks once more🥰🥰🥰

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