Man is an Animal

After school, the journey of life took me friend to the east of Nigeria, east is the home of the Igbos(educated, business oriented, and smart people).

This morning I reached out to him, after hearing some disturbing news, he said ” I’m no longer in the east, I dey West”, West is the home of the Yorubas.

He continued “east is not safe bro, you run every day, I don’t know why educated and smart Igbos would go so low to the level of killing, destroying properties like them Boko haram and herdsmen in the North”, North is the home of the Hausa/Fulani people, a lot of terror there. I told him “man is an animal”.

He didn’t just get it, so he replied “unlike the Boko Haram and herdsmen in the north who hate western education, those in the east are educated, why go low?”. Seeing that he was disturbed, I tried to make him understand 👇

Hmm bro man na animal o, forget the school... Hate is a bastard...sow hate, let it grow and you will see the ugly nature of man...look at Europe at war with each other upon their level of diplomacy and advancement 

Building weapons of mass destruction for what purpose?

Man is an animal nothing more nothing less

He said “you are absolutely correct”, but I think I was wrong.

Yeah, I was wrong, we can be more cause we are humans, greed shares hate which makes men less, and kindness shares love which makes men great. let’s show humanity and be more ❤️

41 Replies to “Man is an Animal”

  1. I love the fact that you used verbs such as less and kindness to explain the point that in this world these tragic events of men being greedy make them less human yet kindness spreads more humility

    Interesting blog Obong

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  2. Lately it seems like animals have much more compassion than us, all around the world the only highlight of the news is of killing and war but I agree with you let’s spread more kindness in this world. ❣️

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  3. I read a quote today, that really impacted me – about having the Freedom to choose sans fear . About how having that type of freedom, to choose, without fear, is the ultimate luxury – it was written by one who lives and works in an affluent life, sans the strife, found in various places, as you describe, and yet, I read your post and I thought, once more – “it’s easy to talk about choosing and luxury, when one is not afraid – and yet, again, illustrated, is what can happen, and does, often, when folks who are fearful, still ‘choose’ to pursue freedom and ….overcome our basic nature, to ‘choose’ something other, than bare, animal survival…..

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      1. and yet, how can one blithely talk of such things for fear for another is one of the the most basic normal animal things – look only to the mother who guards and fights for her young. I find myself intrigued by various quotes, and the possibilities with in them, and yet, in face of life and death struggles, that often, include our families? How can one say fear doesn’t play a part? We act/react, to preserve the life of another – as you can see I’m still pondering upon the many facets of it – 😀

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      2. THAT is so! And….movie quote for that, comes from Angels & Demons: “I did not ask if you believe what man says of God, I asked if you believe in God?”
        “My brain tells me I will never understand God. My heart tells me I’m not meant to.” ❤

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  4. I love how you summed it up. If we are to be more, we need to actually start from the home front. Teach humility, leadership not rulership, and contentment to the young and we would have succeeded in solving the problem, if not all at least 70%

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  5. Why man choose violence instead of peaceful coexistence? Cause violence is simple, it’s gives him a kinda superior mindset while exposing his animalistic nature. I don’t know exactly but being truthful, loyal, and humble is more difficult than being an evil brat. Everyone has those choice in their hand in being good and vile and at the end of the day they gonna pay for what they choose – I’m believing it.

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  6. Yeah that’s right too . From the beginning of evolution, man tends to be violent, it’s his nature. We are evolving and still evolving. I hope one day the mankind will find their true wisdom that violence cause nothing more than the destruction of their own.

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  7. Animals treat one another better than we treat one another.
    I think your post shows how we can’t make assumptions about groups of people. That’s what prejudice does. We don’t all behave in the same predictable way, we are all individuals, pushed in the same direction by our culture, but we all have the ability to think for ourselves, and to criticise what we see is wrong in our culture. It’s hard to go against the flow, but that’s what makes us human.

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  8. I have read through several of your posts. Such an interesting perspective and thoughts. I’m glad there was some hope for man at the end. It seems the answer is right there somewhere.

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