No matter how hard you try to hide, trouble will find you.

No matter how careful you are, trouble will test you.

No matter how strong you are, if you hastily react to trouble, trouble will win, it will steal your peace.

No matter how weak you are, if you hastily smile at trouble, trouble will lose, it will be confused.

Not all actions deserve a reaction

27 Replies to “Trouble”

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  2. Trouble comes to me, not me to him.
    Anger follows me whether I want it or not.
    Every breath puts me to the test of the reality of the soul.
    I’ve never been at peace, the restlessness has always been the same ever since consciousness emerged.
    I am at the mercy of the violence from within and without, I have to endure what I cannot change.
    My smile from the bottom of my heart has not yet defeated a shadow in me.
    The soul the spirit is in me, the soul is older than myself, I saw and felt the soul, since my childhood never confused.
    Every dream, for inspection, every memory, across my world of thoughts, from the source of the soul requires a corresponding answer from me and a confession of my own culpability.

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