The Former

Life is in stages, skipping brings imbalance

To carry additional weight, stamina is needed

It is you before them, don’t make you the later, and don’t forget the later, reach out don’t overstretch, cause without you, there will be them

Build you to be strong enough to support them❣️

38 Replies to “The Former”

  1. The hopping
    is important
    to with it
    not with feet of iron
    to stay in place

    the weight
    of life
    is all of us
    heavy enough

    we know
    the which
    were ahead of us
    and after us
    maybe the better ones
    our descendants

    we are unasked
    into life
    on earth
    for birth
    to human

    it is not about
    to show others
    but your own life
    for the better
    to fulfill

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  2. Bonjour mes amis Amies

    N’attendez pas d’être heureux pour sourire, souriez plutôt afin d’être heureux
    Vivez chaque jour comme s’il était le dernier (même le lundi)
    Il y a quelque chose de beau dans chaque journée, à vous de le trouver
    Voilà 3 bonnes pensées pour commencer la semaine du bon pied
    J’espère que cela va t’aider
    Ainsi qu’une belle semaine à venir mème si le temps le beau n’est pas là
    Bisou Amitié

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