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Holier Than Who?

Brothers and sisters in Christ(love)

You are either like Christ-Sinless


You are anti Christ-Sinful

Just one sin?

Well, it’s still a sin, you are not holier than anybody, don’t castigate but tolerate ❤️


10 Replies to “Holier Than Who?”

  1. Not certain I understand the same as your words written, but I accept fully I’m a sinner, daily, in a myriad of ways, simply because I’m a fallible human – my only goal? Own my sins – be open to the possibility my particular moments of sin will find either judgement or favor, among many in my circle of the Christian faith – and well – to do my best to not point out the splinter in my neighbor’s eye while ignoring the log in my own – but someone throws a rock into my glass house? While I was just sitting there minding my own biz and not lobbing rocks at their glass house? Well – – I’m human and to me? “Game on! So, thee claims to be holier than me – let’s assess this, overall, shall we? Over history of choices we have each made – moment by moment – remember when…..” Which, in the end, is my lil sin – I try to be tolerant and non-judgemental, just until the day someone decides to judge me – then? Well, eye for an eye (old testament) – I still struggle with this one – no matter how much I work on it to ‘improve’


      1. I find ‘calmness’ in the cliche, from my childhood/history of, “in 100 years, what will it matter?” For myself? I find truth in my anger, and not happy, moments, or my moments of despair/wondering ‘why am I beating my head against a brick wall?” just because – well – we each have free will, we are gifted with it – but to me? Choices – mine and others’ WILL, collectively, impact us all – sooner or later – thus, for me, once I face choices to be made, and yet, I choose to resist, fight, stand, and feel ‘calmer’ inside, all while I risk so much for myself, but believe it in “100 years forward” needs? Um, yeah – I trust that more than I do taking the ‘easier to walk/easier to get what I want for me’ path, just now – I guess, in my own mind? Nothing worthwhile, for many, is ever gained/decided/acted upon by anyone, including me, unless, we struggle all night with an angel, to try to reach the ladder – (did I just mix-match two Bible story’s?? I may have done so – but to me – ya want the ladder for everyone, including you? You better be ready to fight for it, struggle for it, sacrifice for it – otherwise? Too easy and probably just what you want, not higher good for many – but, well – I rarely do anything the easy way – I learn MORE by doing it the hard way – – LOL


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