27 Replies to “Your WAY(excerpt)”

  1. If a slave woman likes it that way
    or don’t like it

    Men are their mother’s sons
    Men leave to their wives
    the work in the house
    and in the garden

    Men leave women and children
    lugging the stones for new roads

    Men behave like gods
    for their wars
    for money
    for power and prestige
    without bad conscience

    men oppress women
    the men commit daily
    Femicide and violence against children

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  2. Yup! So glad you visited me, so I could find you in bloggy land! Me? I’ve spent nearly 40 decades just ironically laughing at the folks that say, “It is God’s Will” when, in reality? To me? Human Made problem and our ‘fault’ all by ourselves – given the free will we were gifted and what we chose to do with it – sigh – I’m currently surrounded by many, who believe the end times/armegeddon/second coming is imminent, within the next few days, weeks or months – Me? “Maybe so and well – nothing I can do but keep on, keeping on and showing up to pay the price for choices I’ve made” – and yet, overall? In my mind? “Sheesh! We have collectively & individually made choice after choice to create what we are now faced with – I’m rather amazed God hasn’t just wiped us off the face of the earth and started over, by now – so, really, at end of the day? I’m feeling fairly blessed and lucky, just about now….”

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      1. Thank you – but I know me and my sins – thanks for saying today – remains to be seen if you feel that way tomorrow! But, until then? We virtually walk together, for awhile, together, on, to my mind, many core fronts – and, well, I’m well aware of my Sinner Status – thus, you are always free to say, “Be gone from my garden, you snake!” – – LOL Cuz, the only way I know to combat evil in all it’s manifested forms by humans? Is to show up as Devil’s Advocate on various fronts, saying, “Um, yeah – but if EVERYONE does what me/you think is best – what will it really look like?” Me? I drink, smoke, cuss, awkwardly try to start conversations with others who live a different reality from mine – I lie sometimes – to myself (and thus, others) OR have fun with fiction, in cyber land, because cyber hacker world just LOVES to think ‘they know you’ well enough to hack your accounts (LOL) and well, for them folks? Don’t care if I mislead them a bit here and there – on the other hand – I’m not every one’s ‘cup of tea’ as the saying goes – and I LOVE a good conversation, learning more, and seeing the world through the eyes of others, but I get fascinated by the conversation and sometimes, overstay my welcome/or barge into someone elses ‘sanctuary’ without meaning to in detriment to them – so – remains to be seen! But until then? Enjoying the Conversation!

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      2. I know me best – I try to get to know others, too, but, personally? I know me – best hang out my “Warning! Danger! Disclaimer” sign out at all times, early and often – saves everyone, me included! A lot of time and heartache – 😀


  3. NOT to make light of the struggles of many, world wide, who face imminent death, torture, etc., every durn day – because of ‘human made’ issues – I realized how ‘smarmy/entitled’ my comment was, because I have roof over head, water close by and food to eat, that is WAY more than the freedoms and blessings afforded to so many, in our world – I guess, in my own way? I’ve been hungry before, I’ve faced death before, I’ve stood alone on various fronts, among my fellow man, and suffered the ostracism for such things – and the ego/heart hurts, but I still haven’t crawled through war torn country, had to choose whether to kill another to protect my children/loved ones – etc. Never had to face being burned at the stake or a bullet to my head for speaking my mind – thus, in the end, what would I REALLY know about any of it? My apologies to any who read my superficial reply – from where I’m at – (sorry – trying to get better at when/where to comment, as if I was in a single conversation – my bad!)

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      1. Thank You so VERY Much for hearing my heart first, and listening to my apology after, when my heart gets carried away and I stumble through trying to say it right, even within all my not-so-blind, but not so ‘right in my face’ blind spots. I find it very hard to write passionately on fronts I think affect us all, AND also to write in all the reasons that exist, many which do not personally affect me, per se, but I see as STILL! evidence that as long as any of us struggle, for basic human needs access, or freedom from those who choose ‘winning at all costs to ‘others’, on any front – the collective of ‘eat or be eaten’ basic DNA hardwire within us, will be what ultimately can destroy us. And end up, just LIKE this reply, being ‘too long’ and yet, over and over, in my ‘world’ of where I live, what I do for a living, my observations? All I see is how often simple, short, platitudes that are rooted in Truth, but stated in a way that folks reading? Just sounds ridiculous, entitled, or oblivious to the true challenges in the world we all face, on one level or another – I may just being stubborn, but it rips my heart up when I realize, in trying to show support, or leave a breadcrumb trail of either more information or hope, or show of support for any who read through long -arse comments? I end up, often, being the worst offender – despite my very best intents and attempts – thanks for ‘holding the space of grace’ for me to stumble through all it – ❤


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