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Beg For A Living 1

There are two groups of people, the haves and the have nots, doesn’t matter the quality or quantity of what you have, you are part of the haves, being ungrateful might reduce you to the level of the have nots.

Complaining, comparing, and always looking at what others have is unhealthy and negative, remember negative energy seeks to destroy rather than to build.

Be grateful, appreciate what you have, you don’t want to know what it feels like to be in rags, to be homeless, foodless, hopeless and friendless, popular Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy once said “if I no get money I get friends to borrow”, the have nots have no friends, they rely on sympathizers.

You don’t want to know what it feels like to beg for a living❤️


46 Replies to “Beg For A Living 1”

  1. Okey-dokey then – I’m part of the ‘haves’ world from some fronts and part of the whining, have nots from other perspectives in the world – me? If I have, I share – I have not – I share what I can sans killing me/those dependent upon me for their survival – overall? My Life’s lesson to learn/improve upon? Is always, (to my mind) how to be generous while never stopping whining against choices made by the current haves, or their judgement of the have nots – all while encouraging the have nots when they are short on material survival, and giving tough love a a kick in the pants to those who have, but do not see/value the resources they ‘bring to the table’ at any age/way of being – and kickin in the teeth every chance I get, for those who only have, because they chose to steal from those who can’t fight back – 😀 I rather walk a fence line on this topic – over and over – 😀

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      1. Okay – nice to know – here? My current take is, “If you’re gonna try to shove me off the fence, demand I fall off it, you might consider, first, which side I’ll land on if you choose to shove me off” – LOL Takes all kinds, I guess – is about the kindest thing I can say, right about now, on many fronts, without standing down or lying to others about it – LOL


  2. At the end of the day? I can never forget that if I don’t survive, I cannot stand & fight for those more vulnerable than – If I never sacrifice my own wants, in service to those less able to fight/make a stand than I? Well – doesn’t matter in the end, for me or them – and really? In todays world? I sacrifice/do without, more and more, because I can’t always trace back, fully, just what life sacrifices others are making, for me to ‘get/have’ this – thus, on some fronts I expand – on other fronts I contract – as I learn more and more – research more – and learn how much I don’t know, will never fully know unless I manage to somehow, live for 900 plus years and keep my memory/mind intact – 😀 Fortunately, for me? many in power on so many fronts, think I have only a 2.5 second attention span/memory – so I got that going for me – and I won on that front of their wrong thinking – no matter how they flood the airwaves or delete their published stuff, in hopes I won’t notice – LOL

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      1. I hear that – over and over – and maybe it is so – and yet, the more complex and layered a society gets, past naked stealing/agression/wars, the more deep rooted the same things exhibited in so many areas of the world via war/civil war/genocide, etc., (while the profiteers, like vultures, circle waiting to feed and get ‘theirs) all I can say – naked, agressiion I get and understand and somedays? I don’t wish for it – but somedays? I think, “If only I knew, for sure, really, who to fight to death with, one-on-one and either I lose or I win” sometimes? Just seems preferable than trying to wind my way through, figuring out, just where and how, I should, really, be willing to take the battlefield and/or come home with my shield or on it – again – it’s all in perspectives – that said? I am greatly concerned about, STILL! access to water for many – and, well, tried to be kind when a friend, found out, even in our advanced society, and even though they paid their bill, turns out? They and theirs can do without water, unless they travel a mile and haul it themselves, everyday – with no promise on when services will be restored and nothing can be done on any front, to help them – yes, rude shock for them and when/if the time comes and I’m not prepared? rude shock for me to – who only stores water for a times when I fully expect access to it to be interrupted, but still! Still! Haven’t fully put in place multiple back up plans – except to not die from dehydration or disease in day one of interrupted service – see? Perspectives – to me, easy access, to potable water to drink, cook and clean with is a BASIC living thing right, must BE a right, if things are to live – and yet? Still not seen as such/nor provided for all – in so many parts of the world, including mine – 😀

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