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Work Happens

Wishes, how many happened?

Hopes, how many happened?

Prayers, how many happened?

What you work for, happens❣️

Every other thing depends on WORK ❣️

Put it in motion, make an effort then wish, hope and pray it works out ❤️


58 Replies to “Work Happens”

  1. In the autumn
    of life
    the tree loses
    all leaves of hope
    in the cold wind

    in winter night
    all hopes wither
    under the snow cover
    of white ice

    the last prayer
    before the eyes
    close forever
    back to eternal nothingness

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    1. believers and non-believers
      everyone is crying out in dire need
      “Oh my God!”

      the work with honor
      a thought
      to what a human being does
      is like a prayer

      man becomes thoughtless
      at work
      to the machine

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    2. Praying is not a panacea… it is a hope for… a faith in what one wishes for shall come to past… there are no guarantees that one’s prayer shall be to one’s liking… today people are praying that Russia wins this brand-new war, while others are praying that Ucraina win… they both can’t win… but that does not stop one from hoping… praying…

      Praying comes with a lot of negative baggage… hoping does not… I agree with you when you say it as nothing to do with religion… it has a lot to do with the earnestness of one’s hope, and the calming ness of one’s inner fortitude…

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