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The Earlier You Fail

The future you see, does it depend on what you are doing now?.

Man strives to live a happy and a free life.
Doing this, and seeing that won’t land you in a better place.

Remember, the time you have on earth is uncertain, and winning(achieving that dream) takes time.

The earlier you start, the earlier you fail

The more you fail, the more your learn

The more you learn, the easier you win

Better start now❤️


33 Replies to “The Earlier You Fail”

  1. The future
    the past
    in the present

    the failure
    the stumble
    while walking
    with one foot

    the dream reaches me

    the remembrance
    a volcano
    from the soul
    their eruption
    I can not prevent

    i walk since i was a kid
    to the lesson
    the soul
    that of all humanity
    the same
    guards the unconscious

    the consciousness
    a walnut shell
    through storm and weather
    through the inner ocean

    under the starry sky
    through the sea
    of life leads

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  2. Such an ingenious line of thoughts. You’ve said it all, my friend. Just look at this: “The earlier you start, the earlier you fail, the more you fail, the more your learn, the more you learn, the easier you win.” Amazing!

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  3. Forse non bisogna rimandare, perchè il fallimento ci può essere, ma la volontà di superarlo può portare grandi risultati, ma solo se si ha l’umiltà di capire perchè si è fallito. E se il fallimento non dipende da noi non dobbiamo accanirci o avvelenare l’anima per riuscire comunque, questo può portare a strade non sempre “pulite”.

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