The Great Nothingness

The most important thing in life is NOTHING. We are in between the great nothingness.

Cherish whatever you like, accumulate whatever you like, eventually, everything becomes nothing.

We came from nothing with nothing, we will return to nothing with nothing❤️

If you feel you have more things be humble and generous, if you feel you have fewer things be grateful and kind. In the end, the only thing that matters is nothing.

26 Replies to “The Great Nothingness”

    1. Joan the post is about wealth, possession, the rich who feel like they own the world and others should be their slaves and the poor who feel worthless, it is a reminder that no one will take any material thing out of this world

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  1. Mmm… Akwafrigeria, this is well said and I couldn’t agree more. It’s true that we need one another in this life, and humility, kindness and satisfaction as virtues of living. Amazing! Much lauded, dear. 💖❤🌷

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  2. we come and go with nothing in hand, surrounded by an eternity on each side – peace in 2022 – Buddha: For those who remember that death comes to us all, quarrels come to an end —CC

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  3. ‘Vanity of vanity’ says the preacher: ‘vanity upon vanity, ALL is vanity’.

    I guess we should strive to be humble, not because we have nothing, but because whatever we claim to have is NOT ours. If God is the owner of all things, then we’ve got NOTHING to be proud about.

    Keep up the good work.

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  4. This sounds like a passage out of Ecclesiastes. “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!” Of course, Solomon wrote the words in a state of despondency. In fact, nothing amounts to anything “under the sun,” but beyond this world is another realm, the “new heaven and the new earth.” And that is not nothing!

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