Do What You Can

“Old year, new year”, it’s just TIME (nights and days), your actions defines time, Monday work, Friday Mosque, Saturday rest, Sunday church, So what you do defines your year❤️

Time is a SERIOUS phenom, unending nights and days, why use finite numbers(calender) to measure endless time?

Man needs a BREAK and some excitement( ending gives relief, beginning brings hope)❤️

It’s 2022, as you are setting goals, don’t forget that the most important goal in life is to be ALIVE, live free and be happy.

Don’t allow wants and desires to hold you captive, do what you can, when you can, how you can, and where you can❤️

43 Replies to “Do What You Can”

  1. Mmm… First of all, I’ve missed you soo soo much, my friend. 😘 Couldn’t wait any longer to see your post. I hope you’re having a fine day, and before I forget – a very happy new year to you. 🤗 This post is such a great food for thought. It’s indeed a great wonder how people attach their progress, plans and ambitions to time when time is just a fleeting and imaginary idea, haha. Mmm… humanity needs great minds like you who can provoke critical and evaluative thinking. I’m impressed. 💖❤❤

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    1. Just wow, lami I missed you too o, we are cool down here, just running around ☺️, merry Christmas and happy new year, thanks for your beautiful comment and your support, there’s still much for us all to do 🎉❤️

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  2. I use
    each night
    the street
    of the dream

    during the day
    i understand
    where to go
    and why me

    in the other world
    done something
    and the way
    have gone

    The best to you
    for the new year 2022

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  3. Hellooo Mrs P. I’ve been challenged by keeping up my blog as well this past year. Perhaps it hits many of us in the 7-10 year range. I’m considering adding True Crime to my line-up, I’ll see how that goes. Good luck with your new direction and Happy New Year.

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