Finding You 1

There’s only one you in this world, you were born to be YOUnique❤️

Early years, your parents groomed you, you followed the path they laid. You grew older, out of love they gave you the chance to be truly happy, they gave you FREEDOM to find or create your own way, to be “you” and to do “you”❤️

For societal acceptance and validation, you neglect to find “you”(purpose), rush into things(jobs, relationships, groups), you allow society to dictate. It’s easy to feel lost and stuck this way.

Society respects and values those who know their worth, and use, abuse, and forsake those who don’t. To know your worth you have to find you, i.e discover your purpose, know who you are, know what makes you different and special, what you stand for, etc.❤️

29 Replies to “Finding You 1”

  1. I agree with you, my friend. It’s only until we know our self worth that we can be resourceful to ourselves and the society at large. Otherwise, we stand on the precipice of being misused and misguided. Such an insightful and helpful post. Many thanks for sharing. Keep writing, keep spreading the love. 👏💖

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  2. I am a simple one
    old man
    whether me
    The Society
    so will
    or not

    i am not the way
    of my educators
    my followed

    I’m lucky
    I did not find it
    I’m in the tangles
    the inner world
    and bound to the outside world

    we are all
    in a body-soul unit
    who are on target
    the death
    will dissolve again

    I have value and worthlessness
    in me together

    the better
    I try
    implement every day

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  3. Yes, I am of the same opinion regarding life and me.
    You have expressed the reality, the practical aspect of our lives in few beautiful lines.
    This way I have already passed my 63 years, something knowingly and some not knowingly.
    Your post caught my eyes and then caught my mind.
    Excellent 😌🙏

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