With Knowledge Comes Old Age

There’s no STOP in life, there’s PAUSE, there’s PLAY, life teaches every day, today comes with a new lesson for those who understood yesterday’s lesson(play mode)❤️

People who feel stuck(pause mode) say “I failed I don’t wanna do it again, they will laugh at me, I’m not good enough, I can’t make it because of my background”, everything in life is a lesson; failure, success, happiness, sadness. Learn past lessons press play and move❤️

What can a dead man achieve?. Nothing

What can a man who’s alive achieve?. Everything

The greatest desire of man is to live forever, since humans can’t have that in this lifetime, the closest thing to immortality is OLD AGE, greatness in life is more life, a lot of lessons gets one to that greatness, with knowledge comes old age❤️

In life nothing truly ends, even at death life doesn’t end, AFTERLIFE is a thing, don’t stop learning ❤️

16 Replies to “With Knowledge Comes Old Age”

      1. Diese Meinung habe ich schon öfters gehört, indessen genügt es mir, dass ich mein Haupt für immer nieder legen kann, damit die Nachfolgenden genügend Platz und Raum für ihr eigenes Leben haben.

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