Faith In Universal Truth

All humans came to this world blank, everything a man knows, he learned or experienced, to understand the universe, man learn more about men in other places, this makes man enlightened and “WISE” which is the opposite of foolish(in the dark)

Those in the dark are more concerned with personal truth, regional truth and religious truth “it works for me, others have to be like me, do what I do and it will work for them”

All humans know that life is a journey; new things at every turn. The world is dynamic; time changes things. While the enlightened develop a dynamic mindset to flow with time and live free, those in the dark stick to the static and live in fear.

Those who walk in light and truth have faith in what is reliable “UNIVERSAL TRUTH”; it works for me here, it works for everyone regardless of culture, race, class, and time zones❤️

13 Replies to “Faith In Universal Truth”

  1. AKwafrigeria, I would like to send you a quote that has been hanging on my bulletin board for a long time.
    The russian poet leo tolstoy said:
    “Everything in the world changes and moves in circles. Humans change too, but we don’t see the whole cycle that they are completing, because we ourselves are in one point of the circle in this cycle.”
    Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
    AKwafrigeria, have a nice weekend!
    Rosie from Germany

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