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Beg For a Living 2

If you don’t appreciate what you have, you become ungrateful.

Ungratefulness leaves you unhappy because you make plans based on what you don’t have, you develop an unhealthy entitlement attitude, you become greedy, you set out to get everything at all costs, even to the detriment of others. Greed makes you see only “I”, the bad ego.

Remember all that you have was given; you need money for almost everything, do you produce money?. “But I create value”, are you the only one creating that value, why should people patronize you?. “But I have talent” are you the only one with that talent, why should people follow you?. “But I’ve skills, I’ve certificates …..” really?

Life’s all about receiving and giving, you receive, you keep some and give some back, if you don’t feel you have enough, you won’t be able to give, you won’t even appreciate those that gave you, nobody loves an ingrate.

Fueled by discontent, one may lose it all in a bid to have it all ❤️


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