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The Choice (A little Something #17)

Someone said practice doesn’t make perfect, obsession does.

Another said success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally but from what you do consistently.

I say distraction is constant.
Determination is a choice.

Make that choice today,  let go of the fleeting pleasures of now, envision the greater joy of tomorrow, it will only come to reality if you focus today❤️

What do you say ?


6 Replies to “The Choice (A little Something #17)”

  1. Every human
    also a master
    comes to an end

    the wish for success
    always want more
    what in everyday life
    is really useful
    beyond anything worth striving for

    the distraction
    want the view
    out of stubborn
    Broaden perspective

    the little pleasures
    in everyday life
    for one
    a measured life is enough

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